Covid-19 And Human Physiological Systems-A Review Based Study COVID-19 AND HUMAN PHYSIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS

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Dr. Ishrat Perveen


COVID-19 is commonly recognized as a respiratory infection. Effects of COVID-19 are, however, not only limited to the human respiratory system but all other physiological systems are also prone to COVID-19. The virus can attack many different cells of the body via angiotensin-converting-2 (ACE2) receptors. COVID-19 impact on the human body has been considered a multi-organ response, causing a range of physiological symptoms. Age-related chronic diseases coupled with a hyperactive inflammatory response can lead to the severity of the infection and death. The risk of physiological complications is higher in comorbidity, weak, and aged patients. Acknowledgment of the various physiological effects of the disease and its complications is fundamental for the proper clinical management of patients. This review intends to provide a detailed perspective on the possible physiological impacts of COVID-19 and adds to the ever-emerging knowledge of human physiology.

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Razi, S., Perveen, D. I., Sabahat, S., Nazir, S., Qasim, A., & Najma Naeem , H. (2022). Covid-19 And Human Physiological Systems-A Review Based Study: COVID-19 AND HUMAN PHYSIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS. Life Science Journal of Pakistan, 4(1), 33-44. Retrieved from
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Abeer, National Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Faisalabad