For submission of a manuscript or article to the Life Science Journal of Pakistan  (LSJP) proceed step by step according to this guide

1- Click on "Make a Submission" button to the right of page.


2- A page will open where you can see Login or Register links, login if you have already registered yourself otherwise register.

3- Login to your account.

4- After filling the form and clicking on "register" button at the bottom you will see a new page or if you login to your account , a new page will appear.

5- Choose the option of "Make a New Submission" as shown in the fig.

6- A new window will open as shown in the fig. Now click on sections drop down menu.  Select the article type from the drop down menu

7- Tick all the submission requirements list. Write any comments if you want for the author in comments box and click on "Send and Continue" button.

07- In the next window click on "upload File" button and upload the manuscript file.

08- Choose a file or manuscript for upload and click open button.

8- Click on continue button

11- Selct article components from the drop down list 

10- Uploaded file will appear in a new window panel. Click on "Continue" button. 



 18- Fill "Title" and "Abstract" fileds from the manuscript.

19- Add key words related to the manuscript and click "Save and Continue" button. Click "Finish Submission" button.

16- - A pop up window will confirm submission. Press "ok" button and all is done.

 22- Your submission is complete now.